Products & Services

Design: At Adigo, we feel that expertise in design of fire protection systems is our strongest asset to our customers.  Our broad knowledge of fire protection systems affords us the ability to offer our clients the most secure and cost effective design approaches to protecting life and property.

Installation: Adigo Engineering, Inc.’s greatest source of pride is the fact that every step of the way we are ourselves responsible for the engineering, planning, fabricating, and installation of our fire sprinkler systems.
From development to installation, Adigo Engineering, Inc. handles every step of the process in-house. This means you, our client, can count on the fact that every step of your project will be overseen and implemented by us. The moment your plans arrive at our offices, they are carefully handled and developed by our design team with a combined experience in the field of over 30 years.

Inspections: Wether or not Adigo Engineering, Inc. had the privilege of designing and installing your fire protection system(s), we recognize and take very seriously the need to maintain such systems in perfect working order.  No exceptions can be made when the safety of our loved ones and property is at stake.  We carefully inspect our buildings in strict accordance with NFPA 25 guidelines and offer remediation estimates for any deficiencies we may find at time of inspection.

Put your trust in Adigo Engineering, Inc. and rest assured that any and all needs our clients have will be directly addressed by our management team, ensuring your greatest satisfaction in our products and services.